I came to see Sam after hurting my neck by falling down the stairs. Straight away I was made to feel relaxed and welcome by Sam's friendly manner, she then asked about my injury + my history + took a genuine interest in my well-being. My treatment left me feeling freer and my pain diminished dramatically. I now feel confident about my charity 5k run tomorrow!

Definately worth every penny.

Loen Jenkin

I came to see Sam as a result of a lower back injury. Right from the initial consultation I immediately felt I was in good hands.

In my line of work it was absolutely critical that I made a full recovery to avoid permanent injury which could have jeopardised my career prospects and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I got back to full health as a result of Sam's care and dedication to me as her patient.

When I first started treatment I was barely able to walk and was heavily sedated on pain killers prescribed to me by my GP. From the outset Sam's professionalism and overall excellent osteopathic treatment helped me to a full recovery over the following months and I would recommend anyone to her care without reservation.

Wyn, former Teacher

It has been a joy to experience your care and concern for me, let alone your excellent treatment which speaks louder than words. My shoulder is now completely better and life is back to normal thanks to you. 

Stephen, Journalist

Dear Sam, hope you like the flowers. A small token of my appreciation for all you have done for me. I no longer suffer from hip pain, and can drive long distances without any discomfort. Please let me know if you ever move!

Sandra, Social Worker
There are many things that I appreciate about Sam, however for me the most important is that she has been able to meet me 'just where I am'. I went to see Sam a mess, hugely overweight from years of yoyo dieting and more recently with a life threatening illness that has entailed chemotherapy and large doses of steroids.

I had reached the point in my life where I felt the need to start looking after my body. My first meeting with Sam lasted an hour and I was struck straight away with her warmth and genuineness. Although Sam was not sure how much my body could do, she was happy to devise a treatment programme that included little and often exercise so as not to overstretch and damage my body.
I feel like Sam is both committed and in partnership with me, supporting and guiding me on my journey. She treats me just like everybody else, not just my illness - which has been important for me. Treatments with Sam are not boring, she's humorous as well as being challenging at the same time. I have found Sam both sensitive and compassionate and have never felt judged or criticised by her.
I owe Sam a lot and can highly recommend her to any one else who is serious about improving their mobility and feeling healthier. So thank you Sam. 


Jeff, Interior Designer

At the start of 2007 I wanted to improve my health. I contacted three osteopaths, and met with two. I was very impressed by the way Sam spent an hour with me, in a very thorough introductory session, assessing my needs. I chose Sam for her maturity, experience and the rapport I felt we had.
I feel 'safe' being treated by Sam, she is always checking my wellbeing, and assessing what I'm capable of. I appreciate her positive, sunny personality, but find her also very realistic and grounded, understanding how the complexities of our lives can sometimes get in the way of our best intentions.
Working with an osteopath felt like a big investment and the 'fit' between osteopath and patient needs to be right. I'm confident I made the right choice of osteopath for me and I would be happy to recommend Sam to others. 



Sam is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). The GOsC is the statutory body that provides the code of conduct and ethics to which all osteopaths adhere.